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Notification of hosted provider emergency maintenance
Posted by Liam Bere on 25/05/22 - 17:25

Good evening,

We've just receiving the following message from our hosted provider. We do not anticipate any issues, so this is just to make you aware. If you experience any issues, please raise a ticket as you would normally. 

Dear partner this is to make you aware of necessary maintenance works that we need to carry out in order to maintain the integrity of our service. We have been alerted to a fibre transceiver that has begun operating outside of the recommended thresholds on a link between a core router and one of the switches serving the MR95-3 estate in the UK In order to replace it, we will tear down the link at 2200 UTC+1 tonight 25/05/22, to prevent any potential impacts. The affected component will then be replaced during UK working hours tomorrow. The link will then be brought back into service tomorrow evening, 26/05/22 @ 2200 UTC+1 We have a full mesh topology on MR95-3 so we expect only a very brief switching interruption for a few seconds while the network re-converges over the redundant links and any calls in progress will be maintained. We apologise for the short notice but as you will appreciate we need to remedy such issues quickly before they lead to any potential failures

Many Thanks

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