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BT Broadband Complete - Service Outage
Posted by Adam Howard on 13/11/19 - 08:56

Good Morning, 

Our connectivity partner have identified an issue with broadband services this morning impacting several customers on the service. For the moment we would advise that you monitor updates and once we confirm the issue is resolved check with customer to confirm if service is restored. We would strongly advise that you subscribe to updates by accessing your portal account and clicking the preferences option and selecting "Subscribe to Newsletter" from the homepage or access this URL directly this will ensure you receive proactive emails with updates rather than having to check our page 

Service Name Status Next Update  
Broadband Service Outage 13/11/2019 10:00:00

13/11/2019 08:40:00

Service outage - We are are some customers are currently experiencing a loss of broadband services. CSOC engineers are currently investigating.

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