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Posted by Adam Howard on 29/08/19 - 15:11

Please see the latest update

Service Name Status Next Update  
Broadband Service Slow 29/08/2019 17:00:00

29/08/2019 09:30:00

Slow Speeds & Packet loss - We are aware some customers are currently experiencing slow speeds or packet loss on their service. Engineers are currently investigating the cause and an update will be provided within the hour. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

29/08/2019 10:33:00

It has been identified that the cause of the slow speeds and packet loss is due to a large Apple vulnerability update being released. Our engineers continue to monitor and and are working to mitigate any further issues.

29/08/2019 11:47:00

We are continuing to monitor the network and work continues to resolve the issue with our engineers.

29/08/2019 14:31:00

We have looked to resolve the issues and you will start to see service resume as normal. If you are still experiencing performance issues, then please contact the technical support team.

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