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Dear Partner,


In light of the ever continuing threat from Cyber security scammers / hackers etc.  we are going to strengthen the security of our platform and further automate the provisioning experience for customers and resellers.  As a result we are currently in the final stages of launching a new auto provisioning service.


When we launch the new service it will be necessary to reset service passwords and regenerate configuration files for all our handsets.  When we do this the handsets will fail to register and a reboot of the handsets will be required to enable them to connect to the platform again and normal service resume for the customer.


At this stage we are finalising testing of the new solution but we wanted to open the conversation about this with you. If there are any issues with your customers being subject to the blanket reset can you please email as soon as possible and we will contact you so that we can address your individual requirements.  It is important that a ticket is raised in the first instance so that we can document your requirements.


The reason for these changes is to implement a higher level of encryption on the configuration files we host on our provisioning service. We will also be rolling out more safeguards against which devices can download configuration files from the server.


We are still finalising the details of at this stage and performing some tests and we will release a further update within the next week.


Kind regards