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Resolved - SHPBX Outbound Issues
Posted by Adam Howard on 14/08/19 - 15:35

Good Afternoon,

Please see the most recent update on the issues with calls we have seen over the course of this morning. 

As per our last update the platform partner moved traffic from their primary carrier to a secondary one. We then found there were some capacity issues on the secondary carrier. This resulted in some customers still having some issues with calls. Our partner then added additional capacity to their connection with the secondary carrier. We have not has any further reports of issues since these changes were made.

We have been assured we will not see a re-occurrence of the original issue, and that traffic will continually be monitored and remediary action taken as required to ensure any increase in usage does not impact customers.

Sincerest apologies for the disruption to service today

Kind Regards

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Resolved - Please retest - SHPBX Outbound Issues
Posted by Adam Howard on 14/08/19 - 10:56

We have been informed of the below by our platform partner, can you please retest?

One of our interconnect partners is suffering issues in terminating calls. We have moved our traffic away from that partner which should address the issue. We will update within 30 minutes.

SHPBX Outbound Issues
Posted by Adam Howard on 14/08/19 - 10:19
Good Morning,

We are sorry to inform you that we believe there is currently an issue with outbound calls on the Simplified Hosted PBX Platform.

We are working with our platform partner to report the issue but in order to assist us further we require call examples to report the issue. Please where possible log a ticket with the details or email ensuring you mention it's an example for the outbound issue.

Sincerest apologies for the disruption to service for you and your customers.

Call from number/account: Full account/number that made the call
Recipient account/number: Account number of extension that took the call unless outbound, then CLI dialled
Observations: i.e. Result: busy tone no dial tone / error message shown on phone system / Audible Message being played in response (please include the exact wording)
Date / Time: Date and time of when the call is important to help us locate the record

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