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Inbound Issue - SHPBX - 06/08/19
Posted by Adam Howard on 06/08/19 - 09:29


The below issue has been resolved

Posted by Adam Howard on 06/08/19 - 09:29

Good Morning, 

We have identified an issue with numbers that are pointed from the GCI inbound to the SHPBX platform. 

We are in the early stages of making test calls and checking diagnostics logs. We have made several calls and believe we have isolated the issue to the IP connection between the two platforms.

We can confirm this affects numbers that originate with GCI and those that have ported from another provider and GCI.

If your number has ported to the SHPBX platform with ICC Networks as the communication provider then this means that it is not affected by this issue.

Please in the first instance make a test call to your customer and ensure you make checks to ensure they are affected by this problem before taking the next steps. We are able to divert your number on the GCI WER platform

If you have established that your customer is affected please ensure you log a ticket or send an email to we can not accept these requests over the phone as we need to ensure we have a record of your request to revert this back when the issue is resolved. 

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