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Issues with TalkTalk Ethernet Connections - Resolved
Posted by Adam Howard on 02/08/19 - 12:24

Most recent update 02/08/2019 12:13:03

Our connectivity partner has informed us that this incident is now considered resolved. If you have a customer with any issues please follow standard first line troubleshooting and log a data fault ticket with us if they still have any issues. 

We would like to inform you there have been some issues with Ethernet connections provided through TalkTalk this morning. Please see the latest updates from our connectivity partner 

02/08/2019 10:21:13

Initial diagnostic have identified a third party planned maintenance isolated on the Talk Talk Network, which has had a knock-on effect on service this morning. The carrier has informed that the next available update will be at 10:45am.

Most recent update 02/08/2019 10:49:42

The carrier have informed us of a card issue on their Luton NGE. Currently all cards have been shut and a device reload will be taking place to attempt to restore service. The next expected update will be at 11:45am, however we will provide an update should one be available sooner.

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