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Simplified Hosted PBX known issues - Update
Posted by Nick Lloyd on 22/04/22 - 16:58

Dear Partner


Please see below for the latest update:


  • Inbound call on hold.  The fix was pushed at 4am as planned, our team will be testing this when they come in this morning.  Update: We have completed our testing and we are still seeing issues with this and we have raised this back to our platform provider and I will update on this later today.  Update:  We have done some more testing and have submitted the traces to PortaOne for investigation again.  We will update on this by the end of today for the next action.  Update:  PortaOne are aiming to resolve this tonight but will continue into the weekend if necessary and I will update where possible over the weekend.


  • Off Net calls.  We have sent out a workaround and the permanent fix is being worked on.  Update:  Our platform partner are currently testing the permanent solution and I should have an update later today on this.



Once again, I really appreciate your patience and I apologise for any issues that you and your customers have experienced.

Kind Regards,

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