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Simplified Hosted PBX Known Issue - Update
Posted by Nick Lloyd on 21/04/22 - 13:19

Good Afternoon All,

Please see the latest in regards to the ongoing known issues:

1. Attended Transfer Issue - This has been escalated to the CEO of the platform Vendor (Portaone), which we shall be placing a call into soon to find out the latest on this particular issue.

2. Call Pickup Issue - A potential solution has been identified, which is currently undergoing testing within the platform provider.

3. Outbound International Calling - Changes have been made by the platform provider, those with the permissions to dial internationally should now be able to call most countries, however there is currently still an issue dialling Belgium which is under investigation by the platform provider.

4. Off net calls not ringing - This is currently with the supplier that are investigating at this time, more updates to follow.

More updates to follow.

We would again like to thank-you for your patience and understanding during these times.

Kind Regards,

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