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Simplified Hosted PBX Known Issues.
Posted by Nick Lloyd on 19/04/22 - 12:49

Good Afternoon All,

As you may or may not be aware there are currently some issues that are ongoing within the Simplified Hosted Platform:

1. Issues with Company Phonebook on device - There is currently an issue with regards to access the company phonebook on the handset where the information will not populate and any attempt to update the phonebook via the handset yields a download failure.

2. Issue with Audio on Transfer - There is currently an issue with regards to Attended transfer, were calls that are sent via attended transfer are resulting in no audio for both parties, there is currently a workaround that would involve performing a blind transfer which produces audio when transferred.

All these faults are currently with the platform provider whom are currently investigating into this issue, once we have an update from the platform provider we shall update yourselves.

Kind Regards,

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