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SHPBX Upgrade Issue - Update - 02/04/2019 - 10:23
Posted by Adam Howard on 02/04/19 - 10:23

Good Afternoon, 

Firstly sincerest apologies once again for these issues which persist and your patience is much appreciated during this time. We have requested that the platform partner provides another formal update to us by the afternoon.

We were informed yesterday afternoon this issue is resolved some customers were tested and found to be working. I have received reports that some customers are still experience the same issue please contact us ideally through creating a ticket if you have not logged one already or updating an existing one. I have reports with examples but we would appreciate hearing from you if you are still being affected by this.

Voicemail to Email and Fax to Email
After testing on this has been completed we have the issue does not appear to be resolved following the recommended changes to our mailserver issues have been reported back to our platform partner to continue investing this. Fresh examples have been provided.

Inbound Calls to Voicemail
My testing indicates this issue is still persistent I have an example customer that is still being affected by this and it’s being progressed with the platform partner.

Assume Identity Issue
Our platform partner has a temporary fix in place but this has to be periodically re-implemented. If we observe the issue we are contacting our platform partner to ask them to re-enable and given the amount of time we spend using the portal we are picking this up fairly quickly. Please feel free to call us should you experience this issue for any length of time and we can request they apply the fix. A permanent fix is being worked on and we pushing for this to be resolved. I have chased our platform partner to ask when the permanent fix for this will be applied.

CDR Wallboard and CRDs in Front End

A permanent fix for this is on the way but in the meantime if you can please raise an SHPBX fault ticket we can get this facility enabled on per customer basis. Please where possible only request customers this is having an impact to so we can ensure resources are being diverted to the other issues we have in progress at the moment


Our platform partner has referred to an issue with call transfers which none of our partners have reported at all since the upgrade but I want to make sure I am clear on the details in the event you have reports of this from your customers please log a ticket with us including call examples.
The issue is when the soft switch attempts to connect the caller and the REFERED (new account) together, it loses the call-leg. Essentially if an extension receives a call then attempts to transfer to another account the person calling inbound and the person you are transferring to will both be cut off. 
If you are affected by this please log a ticket with us.

We will do all we can to provide regular updates and are sincerely sorry for the issues as a result of this. Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards

Nimans Technical Team

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