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SHPBX Upgrade Issue - Update - 29/03/2019 - 09:10
Posted by Adam Howard on 29/03/19 - 09:10

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issues you and your customers are experiencing as a result of the upgrade. A lot of critical issues are still outstanding but some have been resolved we are pushing for any updates from our platform partner now and this is being discussed at director level within Nimans. 

We fully appreciated the impact this is having on customers and our resellers and share your disappointment at the progress that has been made with this issue we will do all we can to push for a resolution today

1. Inbound call issues: This fault only affects a few customers and is very obscure 

This morning - we have requested an update ASAP to get further details of the progress the platform partner has made.
Yesterday 2 PM - The platform partner have been replicating the issue and undertaking testing 
Yesterday 1 PM - to expedite this process we have provided a list of all customers affected to our platform partners technical team. 
Yesterday Morning - It's been determined that configuration changes to the handsets will resolve this issue this has been deployed on the platform partners own make of handset.

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