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SHPBX Upgrade Issue - Update - 26/03/2019 - 15:28
Posted by Adam Howard on 26/03/19 - 15:37

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issues you and your customers are experiencing as a result of the upgrade. We continue to pressure our platform partner to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and we will do our best to ensure you are informed as frequently as possible as to the updates. 
Please see updates on the 4 key issues we have as a result of the upgrade. 

1. In some scenarios, phones are not ringing on inbound calls. This is due to the phones not responding to the INVITE sent out. This has been raised with the soft switch manufacturer and has the highest priority.

2. Some transfers are failing, as a first check, please confirm all the phones involved in the call are registered to UK node, if the issue still persists then we have a ticket open and it is being looked into. The issue is when the soft switch attempts to connect the caller and the REFERED (new account) together, it loses the call-leg. 

3. There is an issue purchasing Virtual Numbers on our ordering interface. You will get an error when purchasing multiple numbers or ranges (single DID purchase should work). The target fix date for this is 27/03/2019 

4. There are issues with various widgets on the interface, we are working on this as a priority, and hoping to have a fix by tomorrow. This is due to changes to how the Unified Media applications work in the core server, so we need to change the logic in the front end to correct this.

Once again sincerest apologies and we will provide further details on the cause of these issues and future preventative measures.

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