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Credit Limit Warning Emails
Posted by Adam Howard on 04/03/19 - 09:07


Please accept our apologies if you have received some credit limit warnings for your customers on Simplified Hosted over the weekend. We have recently made some tweaks to our limits for fraud - essentially, customers are now being given a temporary lower limit for off-peak periods to prevent their accounts being permitted to spend over £2 (our calculations have indicated the majority of customers do not exceed these limits during off-peak periods). Just before peak period resumes customers are being amended to a limit of £100.

These emails are nothing to be concerned about for the moment, they are false positives being triggered by the system whilst we are making the above adjustments. We are working with our platform partner to establish what steps can be taken to prevent the volume of emails the system is sending out, however, you may receive a few more of these over the next few days before we can reach the correctly configured levels with the system.

We are sorry for any confusion as a result of these emails and appreciate your patience whilst we continue our efforts towards reaching a balance in the protection we can offer you and your customers against fraud.

Kind Regards,

Nimans Network Services

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