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SHPBX Maintenance - 02/02/19 02:00–02:10
Posted by Adam Howard on 01/02/19 - 10:33
Good Morning,

Our platform partner is planning to release a series of minor patches and small upgrades over the next few weeks as preparation for major upgrades to the Porta Softswitch. These upgrades should have minimal effect on service and all will be carried out at the weekend or out of hours. Our partner will monitor the effect of these changes and any that produce an unexpected or detrimental outcome, will be rolled back before working hours. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure there is no service impact, the possibility exists that some customers may be adversely affected. The purpose of this bulletin is to warn resellers of the upcoming process and to notify them of the first release.

Details of the first release are as follows:

Release 1
Due: 02/02/19 02:00UTC – 02:10UTC
Purpose: Implement configuration change.
Expected effect on service: Inbound and outbound calls may be affected
Duration: Up to 10 minutes downtime between the hours above

We will keep you appraised of further release as and when we are notified

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