Knowledgebase : General Information

Contacting Network Services

Office hours: 08:30-17:30

Telephone: 0161 925 1530

1 – Provisioning / All Mobile Queries

2 – Sales / Presales

3 – Faults / Technical

4 – Billing

5 – General Enquires

Out of Hours Technical Support / Faults

Please log all faults as tickets on our helpdesk or

Escalation line for outside office hours: 0161 757 0169

We provide this line for our resellers to escalate service affecting issues, in order to use this service the team require a ticket reference for an issue already logged on the faults helpdesk/ticketing system.

This can be used to escalate:

  • Fault tickets that are logged for services which have a higher care level which extends outside office hours. For example, leased lines/premium data services or WLR services with a higher care level.
  • Service affecting events such as a platform outage or multiple/entire customer loss of service

Please note: The agent will do all they can to assist with your query and will offer you the option to escalate this to a manager from Nimans please allow the agent to assist you first and if you feel they are unable to help they can contact a manager for you. We will do all we reasonably can to assist with any queries but we are constrained by the availability of the support teams or out of hours services of our supply partners. This number is not for customers to contact our support team directly. 


For Orders, Change Requests or Queries

Response SLA: 1 Working day


For Bars, SIM Swaps & PAC requests

Response SLA: 3 Working hours



For any billing queries

Response SLA: 5 Working days


We would strongly advise that you subscribe to latest service updates from the tech team by accessing your portal account and clicking the preferences option and selecting "Subscribe to Newsletter" from the homepage or access this URL directly

As per below screenshot please select Yes next to "Subscribe to Newsletter" and click the update button below

this will ensure you receive proactive emails with updates of issues at the earliest opportunity.