Please find attached the guide for Simplified Hosted UC portal reseller and customer interface

We are working with our platform partner to arrange for the following issue to be resolved permanently as quickly as possible. In the meantime the following will outline how this can be addressed on a per user basis.

Description of the issue

When attempting to access the Analytics section of the portal you are met with a prompt to enter a user name and password as per below

Fix for the issue

There manual change that users can perform to fix this in the Chrome browser is as follows. Click the below URL or Copy and paste the following into a new Chrome tab and then press enter:


Change the highlighted option to "Disabled", then reload the Chrome pages by using the button below. The current pages will be reloaded, allowing analytics to be accessed again. It may be necessary to refresh the analytics page using CTRL + F5 pressed simultaneously.

please find attached instructions on how to bypass SPAM filtering on office 365

Good Morning Shihon, 

I hope you are well I have checked our systems and can see the following 

Time Calling Party (FROM) Called Party (TO) Duration
1 2021-05-09 23:17:09 07757510534 02085426199
2 2021-05-09 23:17:16 07757510534 02085426199
3 2021-05-09 23:19:00 07757510534 02085426199
4 2021-05-09 23:19:15 07757510534 02085426199
5 2021-05-09 23:19:53 07757510534 02085426199
6 2021-05-09 23:19:58 07757510534 02085426199

Please see above calls records which show invites are being offered to the trusted IP defined on the endpoint. The platform sends repeat INVITEs to the IP within 1.5 seconds and there has been no response for the the trusted IP address. 

Trusted IP Address:

Is the IP address correct?

This error could be due to the IP address being incorrect in which case please respond if the above customer's IP address is incorrect and we will make this change on the system for you.  

Next Steps

Check the Equipment

If the IP address is correct this is most likely a problem with the equipment beyond the IP address. For example the CPE, Router, Firewall or even the PBX. Please refer to the handover documentation for this service provided to you by the customer service team.

Check is the path between the SIP platform, the public internet and the PBX. 

Equipment Support

If the equipment is manged by you we recommend consulting the user guide, support pages or contacting the support team for the equipment. We are unable to offer support on configuring the equipment at site we are the provider and support party for the SIP service. We are only able to check that the calls are being sent to the correct public IP make changes to the service and provide the details to access the service.  

PBX Support

If the equipment has been purchased from Nimans the process to contact the support team is available from the URL:

Please contact the vendor or manufacturer for any other equipment.

Routers and Firewalls

If this is a managed router or ISP branded router contact the service provider and they would usually arrange for the changes to be made. If this service is provided by us please respond to make this clear and we can discuss the matter further. The customer's IT department may have management of the router and be able to make these changes for you. 

Kind Regards

Adam Howard

Senior Faults Analyst

Telephone: 0161 925 1530 Ext. 1998


We would strongly advise that you subscribe to latest service updates from the tech team by accessing your portal account and clicking the preferences option and selecting "Subscribe to Newsletter" from the homepage or access this URL directly this will ensure you receive proactive emails with updates of issues at the earliest opportunity.


To enable device controlled call forwarding

Please access the relevant extension from the URL


click the telephone icon It3FVfDI+QHPZdulvWT7pX86pi41XP8CCMI3VfP6NbkAAAAASUVORK5CYII=


Click the phone with arrow icon M7xaRiwQwn1vl5GWXRTrBGrYNt0ghMpCBOANWXFGixp2xBo2r3VaC+YAapgqFn0wqUCdlSwNg11MFgFOIxNd1JgDhOEGDACWvEGkhJKJMCeoDaOOeztRgh22PRkmpummtoSO4jKkDStr9x6wA2MbIAggyfy0pmK0PgyDqTCeo0PY5WCLZgSEzGdYirwAZvYLKxDyvQrLvfEpK+AvYKQHPvlvzbl2Thk55fv3obAPFcs7SdIxh6kAAAAASUVORK5CYII=which is usually red (indicating device controlled call forwarding is disabled) when clicked it turns green AG0zkJV639AcU1SPf0lWpXQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==it means "device controlled call forwarding is enabled" this will allow the end user to program a forward on the handset.

We take many steps to protect against fraud and having this disabled by default is one of them whilst there are many protections in place on the platform in addition to this we like to put as many of these in place as possible. We would advise against enabling this unless it is absolutely necessary. If the customer's network is not secure and it is possible for someone to access the admin interface of the handset they may be able to use this to direct calls to premium rate numbers. We have observed this in the past as a way to generate revenue for fraudsters. 

First generate new configuration file by clicking the spanner under Account management >SIP accounts

Next click create config URL.

This is a quick way of sending an updated file to the handset.


Secondly, if the above isn’t successful we will need to remove the device from the SIP account.  This can be done via the Re-seller portal and clicking hardware tab on the left hand side of the screen and then selecting the customer in question.

Navigate to the account in question and the delete the entry by clicking on the red bin icon

After the entry has disappeared select the model drop down next to the account id and select the device, now select the MAC address from the Hardware name column.

As soon as you have selected the MAC the system will allocate the device to the account, the final step will be to carryout a factory reset on the handset this will then pull all the details from the provisioning server.

Please see a guide on how to configure IVR settings:

First you would access each inbound number and point it to the IVR as below for example.


Next for the  message ie thank you for calling.

Please upload this to the "INITIAL MENU ANNOUNCEMENT" (accessed by clicking the cog) and ensure it's not used for "IVR INTRODUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT" as it's not possible for this to be interrupted by key presses.



To configure options 1-4

You just create a hunt group for each of the call flows you want and then point the option to this, you can use a simultaneous hunt group for the above and just set the timers appropriately in the ring delays and ring times


Then back to the IVR interface and each hunt group you have been created will appear in the destination drop down and the action you need to select is transfer


For example, out off hrs to be turned on at 17.15 pm and turn off

To achieve this please set the times you want the menu to be active in the "MENU NAME AND TIME SETTINGS" (accessed by clicking the cog nect to Root) this will control when what you have set already is active 


Finally you need to click the "Not Active" option from the main IVR menu and select what you would like to happen when the main IVR is not active you could ask the customer to record a message stating they are closed and upload this to the "play before action" and then set the action to Menu 'ROOT' and then this will repeatedly play the out of hours message until normal hours resume in which case you are back to the main menu


Kind regards,

James Hibbert

Faults Analyst

0161 925 1530 option 3

Handset Configuration


First you will need to get the IP address from the handset, to get this press the OK Key.

Once you have the IP address enter this into a web browser, this will bring you to the below page.


The details to enter will be either admin/admin or admin/Simplified456

Once into the menu select the account tab at the top of the page.

First make sure the line active is enabled

Under the label add the either the extension or the user name.

The display name is what other users see so amend this as appropriate.

The register name and username will be the account number starting 55

Password : MjsrqgMYkCMdHYw

Next under SIP server 1 -- server host: the URL will be and the port should be set to 0.

The transport should be set to DNS NAPTR.

Finally make sure enable outbound proxy server is disabled and confirm the settings.


Hello Dean

Please see the below steps to capture from the handset:

1.       Yealink VCS provides two ways to get the trace package :Through the website or through the USB disk. Because of the limitation of the website trace flash, you can only get little useful information, so it is recommended to use the USB disk. And note, before you try to reproduce the issue to catch the trace, the System Log Level should be configured with 9.

2.       Getting the trace package through the USB disk:You can use any USB disk that is available,steps are like below:

1)Create a new folder named “yealink.debug” in the USB disk , then insert it to any USB port on the VCS Codec. At this time the VCS will prompt that a USB disk is connected, a USB icon will also displayed on the status bar that means the USB disk is ready.

2)At this time , you can press the # key on the remote control to start to catch the trace package, and it will also have a prompt box on the screen which shows “debug on”.

3)Reproduce the issue step by step.

4)After all steps are done, press the # key again to finish catching the trace package. 5-10s later,there will have a prompt box which shows “debug off” on the screen, that means the package is caught successfully.

After that, please pull out the USB disk, all the data will be saved in the “yealink.debug“ folder.

3.       Getting the trace package through the website:

Go to the webpage path: Setting → Configuration → Pcap Feature

1)Press “Start” to start catching the trace.

2)Reproduce the issue step by step.

3)Press “Stop” to stop catching the trace.

4)Press “Export” to export the trace package and save it to local PC.


4.           Export the syslog with Level 9:

Go to the webpage path: Setting → Configuration → Export System Log, press “Export” to export the syslog and then save it to local PC and make sure the System Log Level has been configured with 9.


5.       Export the config.bin file :

Go to the webpage path: Setting → Configuration → Export Configuration , press “Export” to export the config.bin file and then save it to local PC.


Kind regards,

James Hibbert

Faults Analyst

0161 925 1530 option 3

Insert the following into a configuration file/advanced configuration on Compendium to disable the missed call notification on Yealink handsets:

phone_setting.missed_call_power_led_flash.enable= 0

This will require a factory reset if configured via compendium.

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